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Intermec 3400D Bardcode Printer

Intermec 3400D Bardcode Printer

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Rob Stone

Product Detail

*** Refurbished Printers sold with Power Cord Only - No Ribbons or Labels ***

* Warranty: 60-days * [ Call about our Exchange Program ]

The Intermec 3400 is one of the best selling barcode printers – and for good reason. Its rugged design, economical price, well-known reliability, and application flexibility make it a smart choice for today’s dynamic warehouse, distribution and manufacturing environments.


* 203dpi Printhead
* Serial/RS232 Interface (Has Optional Slot for Parallel, Twinax, Ethernet, Etc.)
* 4.5" (11.43cm) Wide Printing. (Any Length).
* 3400D now can print up to 6" per second.

Full metal casing for protection under tough conditions
Print capabilities to meet today’s bar code label standards
Advanced operating modes for long-term flexibility
World-wide language support
Investment protection with a 12-month warranty.

Depend on the 3400 for reliable performance printing labels sized up to 11.43 cm (4.5 in.) wide and any length. Print speed has been increased to 6 inches per second and RS-232 speed has been doubled. The 203 dpi resolution of the 3400 is suitable for most label printing quality needs.

The 3400 offers a variety of operating modes such as tear-off, label auto-peel, and cutter attachment. You’ll appreciate the flexibility as your business needs change.

Language support with the 3400 includes most standard 2D bar code symbologies, Unicode, and other well-known character mapping standards, all intelligently self-managed without an external font card. The 3400 also comes with a powerful new IPL3 printer language with Globe worldwide language support.

[ Model Number Breakdown ]

3400 = Model Number

D = Revision Level (Rev Levels are A, B, C, D & E) - ( E is the current model being sold New) .

1 = First Posistion...0=U.S. Version (110v).....2=Europeen Version Cord (220V).

2 = Second Posistion...(Optional I/O Slot)....0=Empty....1=Parallel Port....2=Coax I/O....3=Twinax I/O....4=Ethernet Board.

3 = Third Posistion...(Memory Installed)...1=128KB...2=512KB.

4 = Fourth Posistion = Not Known

5 = Fifth Posistion...(FLASH RAM Installed...0=None...3=2MB...5=8MB.

6 = Sixth Posistion = Not Known

7 = Seventh Posistion...(External Options)...0=None...1=Auto-Peel Attachment...2=Label Cutter Attachment.

[ Options ]
P/N: 062785 = 512KB RAM expansion.
P/N: 067585 = 2MB flash expansion.
P/N: 067586 = 8MB flash expansion.

3400, 3400D, 3400D0010000, 3400D0110000, 3400D0110001, 3400D0110002, 3400D0210000, 3400D0210001, 3400D0210002, 3400D0310000, 3400D0310001, 3400D0310002, 3400D0410000, 3400D0410001, 3400D0410002.

For Technical use only

Top Bank - Bottom Bank
00000000 - 00000000 = Prints Hardware Configuration.
00000010 - 00000000 = Prints Software Configuration.
00010000 - 00000000 = Print Quality Printout.
00010010 - 00000000 = Pitch Quality Printout. (Black Out Print)
00011000 - 00000000 = Prints Single Format Page.
00011000 - 00000000 = Prints Single Format Page.
00011000 - 11111000 = Prints All Format Pages.
00010100 - 00000000 = Print Font Page.
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