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Adds 4000/260LFC Littlefoot Terminal

Adds 4000/260LFC Littlefoot Terminal

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Product Detail

*** Keyboard & Monitor Sold Seperately ***

[ Color Display For Critical Data ]
The ADDS 4000/260lfc video display terminal features 16 foreground and 16 background colors for critical data differentiation on the screen, and supports the display of both color and visual attributes (blink, underline, reverse, etc.) simultaneously—a feature not found on many competitive models.

[ Flexible Size ]
The 4000/260lfc can be used with any size VGA color monitor and many LCD monitors*. For example, use a 9" VGA color monitor for customer transaction environments like retail counters, bank teller windows, and hotel and rental car counters, where the 4000/260lfc delivers maximum productivity in less than half the space needed for a standard 14" terminal. Or use our 14" VGA color monitor for environments where color is required, but a small footprint is not.

*** Please verify LCD monitor compatibility! ***

[ Compatibility ]
The 4000/260lfc is fully compatible with SCO®, UNIX® V.4, XENIX, PICK®, Multiuser DOS and many other operating environments. Its full emulation set includes Wyse WY-60, DEC VT-320, SCO Console, ADDS Viewpoint® and 10 others.

[ Connectivity ]
The 4000/260lfc offers additional serial and parallel communications ports to support printers, cash drawers, customer display poles and more. An industry-standard mini-DIN keyboard interface supports wedge-type input devices such as bar code scanners and magnetic stripe readers.

[ Save Money Today and Tomorrow ]
The 4000/260lfc was designed to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in its class:
• Low acquisition costs enable you to stay within budget
• High reliability virtually eliminates downtime
• Extended warranties reduce maintenance and support costs
• Standard keyboards and monitors protect your investment for the futurers.

[ Ethernet Connectivity ]
Users have the optional ability to access a single telnet session with their ADDS text terminal via our Ethernet Interface Adapter.
It’s a cost-effective alternative to using a PC to access text-based applications. It also helps protect your investment in terminals as your applications change.

Any size VGA color monitor (including 9", 14", 15" and 17")
16 foreground and 16 background colors
18 color palettes
Simultaneous display of both color and visual attributes

Flicker-free 70Hz refresh rate
26, 44 or 49 lines with top and/or bottom status lines
80 or 132 columns
10 pages of memory
2 pages of display, full- or split-screen viewing
Selectable scrolling region
Variable-speed smooth scroll
Double-wide, double-high, and double-high/wide characters
Selectable screen saver
Programmable tab stops

SCO Console
Wyse WY-60, WY-50/50+
Wyse WY-350, WY-325
Intecolor 220
DEC VT-320, VT-220, VT-100
TeleVideo TVI-925
ADDS Viewpoint®
PCTerm (925 PC)
AT 386 (UNIX® Console)

SCO, UNIX V.4, XENIX, PICK, Multiuser DOS and many other operating
Most PC extender products

Simultaneous connection and operation with two hosts
Flexible display formats: 26-line alternating or 44-line split-screen
"Hot key" to alternate between hosts
Printer port support for both hosts

PC 104-key U.S. English and International keyboards
Available with ANSI (VT-220 style) keyboard (U.S. English Only)
Programmable function keys:
- 12/24 PFKs for PC 104
- 20/40 PFKs for ANSI (VT-220 style)

Full/half duplex, local, block and monitor modes of operation
Serial host port (EIA)
– RS-232C, main host
– DTE, DB-25 female or RJ-45 female
– Up to 115.2K baud
Serial auxiliary port (AUX)
– RS-232C second host/serial port
– DCE, RJ-45 female
– Up to 38.4K baud
Parallel printer port (Parallel)
– Parallel printer/cash drawer/parallel output device
– IBM PC cable and Centronics®-compatible

RS-422, current loop
Ethernet (TCP/IP) Interface Adapter-10BaseT

Voltage: 110/220 VAC
Frequency: 60/50Hz
Current: 0.5/0.2 amps
EPA ENERGY STAR® "Sleep Mode" (monitor dependent)
Power Suppy P/N: 006-9801779 (Made By: Ault of China (P/N: T48-161250-A0106 or Total Power P/N: A12-160-01).

UL 1950
CSA Standard 22.2, No. 950
FCC Class A
EN 55022 Class B
EPA ENERGY STAR® (controller)
CE Mark

Adds Littlefoot 4000/260LF, 4000/260LFC, 2225-1000-7100, 2225-7001-7100.
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