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Wyse Winterm 1200LE Terminal (901998-01)

Wyse Winterm 1200LE Terminal (901998-01)

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Sku # : 901998-01
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Rob Stone

Product Detail

*** Sold Refurbished with a 60 Day Warranty ***

Wyse WT-1200LE Factory Brocure

[ Model Options ]
Wyse P/N: 901998-01 = Winterm 1200LE Logic Base - Power Supply with Power Cord - White Keyboard and Mouse.
Wyse P/N: 901998-02 = Winterm 1200LE Logic Base - Power Supply - Mouse (For outside the USA).
Wyse P/N: 901998-17 = Winterm 1200LE Logic Base - Power Supply with Power Cord - Black Keyboard and Black Mouse.
Wyse P/N: 901998-51 = Winterm 1200LE Plus Logic Base Only. (Plus version has 32MB Flash and 64MB RAM installed).
Wyse P/N: 901998-99 = Winterm 1200LE Logic Base Only.

[ Description ]
The Winterm 1200LE is a simple terminal for those who need a completely centralized desktop management option. Because the Winterm 1200LE is a completely stateless device, all of the terminal's settings are saved on the server, allowing for more control over the desktop experience. The display-based operating system provides optimized ICA performance, and with all terminal management performed at the server (using existing database programs), it is the most easily managed thin client.

The incredible simple Winterm 1200LE is ideal for users in a LAN environment who use a standard suite of office productivity applications, plus email, and Internet browsing, and who utilize network-based peripherals.

The Winterm 1200LE has a tiny footprint, an attractive design, and can be mounted easily on the wall or the back of your monitor. It comes with fully integrated 16-bit stereo sound capability; 10/100BaseT network support, and optimized I/O with two USB ports.

[ Features ]
* RAM: 32MB
* Flash RAM: None
* Plug-and-play connectivity, with small/zero footprint and power cord.
* Completely stateless device, manage and configure centrally.
* Modular design connects to any VESA-standard monitor.
* Supports Citrix ICA 6 and RDP 5.0 protocols.
* Multiple session support.
* 2-3x faster than ICA performance than most computers.
* Two USB ports, 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet with link lights.
* Convection cooled; no moving parts.
* Supports DHCP management.
* Secure ICA.

[ Part Numbers ]
WT-1200LE, WT1200LE, 1200LE, WT-1200LE+, WT1200LE+, 1200LE+, WT-1200LE Plus, WT1200LE Plus, 1200LE Plus, 901998-01, 901998-02, 901998-17.

901998-01 = Regular 1200LE.
901998-02 = Regular 1200LE, Minus the Keyboard & Power Cord.
901998-17 = Regular 1200LE+, Sub: Black Keyboard & Black Mouse.
901998-51 = Regular 1200LE w/32MB Flash & 64MB RAM. (WT-1200LE+)

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