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IBM 3153 Series Terminals

IBM 3153 Series Terminals

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IBM 3153 Series Terminals

Here are just some of the IBM 3153 Series terminals we stock.

42H0772 IBM InfoWindow II 3153-BG3 GREEN RS232.
42H0773 IBM InfoWindow II 3153-BA3 AMBER RS232.
42H0774 IBM InfoWindow II 3153-BW3 WHITE RS232.

42H0784 IBM InfoWindow II 3153-CG3 GREEN R422.
42H0785 IBM InfoWindow II 3153-CA3 AMBER R422.
42H0786 IBM InfoWindow II 3153-CW3 WHITE R422.

42H0400 IBM InfoWindow II 3153 GREEN R232.
42H0401 IBM InfoWindow II 3153 AMBER R232.
42H0402 IBM InfoWindow II 3153 WHITE R232.

Ordering: If your not sure which unit to order, order
the 3153-BG3 (Green) or 3153-BA3 (Amber) those are
the most popular ones.

We also carry the Keyboards for these terminals.

Your Terminal repair cost Starts at $179.00 per.

Your Keyboard repair costs starts at $99.00 each.

SETUP (Depends on Keyboard Type).
Normally CTRL & (Minus key on 10-key pad).
Shift & Print Screen.
CTRL & Scroll Lock
Right right-line
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