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Wyse WY-185 Terminal (WY-185)

Wyse WY-185 Terminal (WY-185)

* Sold Refurbished Only *

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** Keyboard Sold Separately **

WY-185 Display Terminal you don''t have to compromise to get an affordable terminal with DEC VT320 compatibility and advanced features from a company you can trust. Wyse Technology, the world''s leading DEC- compatible terminal vendor brings you the WY-185. The WY-185, designed with the latest technology, provides complete VT320 emulation plus numerous enhancements, at a price you''ve come to expect from Wyse. COMPATIBILITY PLUS The WY-185 supports a 15x12 character resolution mode the same as the VT320. Wyse went a step further by adding overscan for a borderless image, and a non-interlaced 85 Hz refresh rate, the fastest in the industry, for easy- on-the-eyes, flicker-free viewing. Wyse then went beyond that to add a lOx20 high-resolution mode providing excep- tionally crisp, sharp characters. Wyse knows how important it is to maintain compatibility with existing industry standards. The high-resolution mode allows the WY-185 to provide backward compatibility with the DEC VT220 soft font characters. And easy installation is possible since industry standard connectors will plug into either the DB-25 or Wyse modular connector. The unique Wyse modular connector is compatible with the standard RJ-11 connector as well as the DEC MMJ connector found on the VT320. The WY-185 delivers world-class ergo- nomic features. Choose from paper- white, amber, or green phosphors on the 14-inch, non-glare screen. Increase productivity with the comfort and convenience of a standard tilt and swivel base for easy screen positioning and clustered operator controls for power, brightness, and contrast. An optional height-adjustable arm provides eye-level viewing and occupies less desk space. And the WY-185 comes with a high-quality mechanical switch keyboard for superior keyboard touch and feel. EXPECT THE BEST When you purchase a WY-185, you are purchasing from the world''s largest ASCII/ANSI terminal manufacturer and the leading supplier of DEC-compatible terminals. The WY-185 stands second to none in delivering high quality, high performance, and high value. What you would expect from Wyse Technology.

Wyse Part Numbers:
WY-185 (GREEN): 900986-01 (Old P/N: 900353-01)
WY-185 (WHITE): 900986-04 (Old P/N: 900353-04)
WY-185 (AMBER): 900986-07 (Old P/N: 900353-07)

WY185ES (WHITE): 900986-06 (Old P/N: 990986-09 ?)
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