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Wyse WY-355 Color Terminal (WY-355)

Wyse WY-355 Color Terminal (WY-355)

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Product Detail

*** Refurbished - 90 day Warranty ***

[ Specifications ]
WY-355 Color Display Terminal The WY-355 color terminal is the most flexible choice for general-purpose work requiring color. PLUG AND PLAY COLOR With the WY-355 it''s a snap to switch from monochrome. The Wyse predefined color palettes make connecting the WY-355 color terminal a simple matter of "plug and play." SUPERIOR COMPATIBILITY The WY-355 has the most complete color support and personality array of any Wyse terminal. With support for the WY-370, WY-325, WY-350 and UNIX Console color modes the WY-355 maintains backward compat- ibility with existing applications while supporting today''s emerging applications. The industry standard WY-60 and WY-50 pers- onalities are supported along with other popular modes such as VT220 and PCTerm. The WY-355 is ideal for today''s multi-host environments running a variety of oper- ating systems such as UNIX, PICK and multi- user DOS. FASTER PERFORMANCE The tremendous processing speed of the WY-355 terminal is nothing short of amazing. This speed is accomplished using an enhanced 14.7 MHz 80C31-compatible microcontroller and the Wyse-designed Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). WORLD CLASS ERGONOMICS Digital On Screen Display (OSD) controls for horizontal and vertical size and centering, pincushion, trapezoid compen- sation, RGB color gain, and screen rotation are easy to adjust. The 93 Hz refresh rate with overscan lets the WY-355 deliver comfortable, flicker-free viewing. The high resolution 10x15 cell is easy on the eyes. POWER SAVINGS The WY-355 is EPA Energy Star and Nutek Power Management compliant, which saves money and the environment simultaneously. THE BEST FROM WYSE From superior compatibility and world class ergonomics to affordable price, Wyse has it all in one product. Always expect the best from Wyse. It''s just another reason Wyse Technology is the world''s leading supplier of general purpose terminals. Key Features • ASCII/ANSI/PCTerm/UNIX Console personalities • Plug and Play Color • Sixteen foreground and background colors • Dual sessions • Fully WY-55 compatible • Up to 933 Hz flicker-free refresh rate with overscan • Two serial ports, up to 115.2 Kbaud • Parallel printer port • Choice of ASCII, ANSI, EPC or IEPC keyboards • EPA Energy 5tar and Nutek Power Management compliant • Digital OSD controls • Three year warranty


** Technology **

CPU: 14.7 MHz 80C31/80C32 compatible micro-controller
VIDEO: Up to four pages of display memory

Input Power: Auto-sensing from 90 to 264 VAC at 47 to 63 Hz
MONITOR SIZE: 14-inch diagonal, non-glare etched CRT, .28 mm
dot pitch
IMAGE SIZE: Overscan borderless, full screen image 9.65 in x 7.25 in (245 mm x 184 mm)
COLORS: P22 phosphor
ADJUSTMENTS: Tilt and swivel
USER CONTROLS: Front mounted power on/off, brightness, and

PERSONALITIES: WY-60, WY-50, WY-50+, WY-120, WY-150, WY-325,
WY-350, DEC VT220, VT100, VT52, UNIX Console, PCTerm, ADDS Viewpoint A2, TeleVideo TVI905, TVI910+, TVI925, TVI950, Hazeltine 1500
SCREEN: 26 or 44 lines by 80 or 132 columns Simultaneously program and display 512 unique characters
CHARACTER CELL: 10x16, 10x15 or 10x13 in 80 columns
ATTRIBUTES: Normal, blink, blank, dim or bold (ANSI), reverse,
underline or any combination of above, choice of double-high and/or double-wide on a per line basis
Keyboard Choice of 102-key EPC, 103-key IEPC, 105-key ANSI
or Wyse ASCII.

WY-355 Color Terminal 901830-011
WY-355ES Color Terminal 901830-012

Communucations Ports: (2) Serial & (1) Parallel.

Modes: Full duplex, Block, Half duplex block, Local, Monitor (debug)

SERIAL 1: RS-423/232 Serial, DB-25F, Serial baud rates up to 115.2K

SERIAL 2: RS-232, DB-9M, Serial baud rates up to 115.2K

PARALLEL: Centronics, DB-25M
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